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2021 - Present

Principal Software Engineer

2020 - 2021

Senior Systems Development Engineer

Leads technical efforts, provides system-wide design guidance, and drives engineering best practices. Influences architecture across teams to solve operational and long-term business needs. Drives mindful discussions with customers and peers; brings perspective and provides context for current and future technology choices. Fosters innovation, contributes towards other’s professional development, and acts as a force multiplier for teams throughout the organization.

2018 -2020

Systems Development Engineer

Architects, designs, implements, and supports technology components that solve large-scale, critical problems. Engages CI/CD techniques to increase velocity and reduce operational burden of developed solutions. Leads automation efforts and instills a culture of DevOps through hands-on team leadership; working with others on the engineering team to guide the day-to-day development activities, leading architecture decisions, participating in designs, design reviews, and implementation.

Rackspace Technology

Product Engineer IV

Synopsis: Product Architect for both Private and Hybrid Microsoft Clouds at Rackspace. Manages the technical aspects across solution lines. Provides strategic and technical leadership on functional teams to manage products through the lifecycle. Oversees and performs development and execution of various lab tasks – executing tests, building systems, and leads technical direction across multiple domains.

Rackspace Technology

Virtualization Engineer IV

Synopsis: Designs & architects technology solutions that enhance and/or provide additional functionality to the Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Private Cloud, and Azure-based virtualization offerings for Rackspace customers. Works with all teams within Rackspace to ensure Microsoft technology solutions integrate with Rackspace infrastructure. Develops automation capabilities to ensure rapid and accurate deployment of Microsoft solutions. Develops and maintains tooling leveraged by support engineers to provide fanatical support to Rackspace customers. Engages in and provides solutions for multifarious issues not resolved through normal support channels. Personal thoughts: My thoughts are – PowerShell, and lots of it! I maintain a host of tool-sets, scripts, and .NET solutions that power Microsoft technology solutions at Rackspace. This position has definitely moved me into a more DevOps oriented role. I’m consistently leveraging PowerShell, .NET, API calls, Git, and other resources to further improve our operations. I also get to work closely with Rackspace & Microsoft principal engineers to further enhance and provide additional functionality to our platforms.

Rackspace Technology

Virtualization Engineer III

Synopsis: Designs, builds, and supports Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Private Cloud, and Azure-based virtualization offerings for Rackspace customers ranging from medium sized businesses to global enterprise operations. Applies in-depth technical knowledge to both architect and solve customer issues while continuing to improve the automation capabilities of each platform. Personal thoughts: As a level 3 my efforts started to focus less on direct support and more on ensuring the overall stability, reliability, and continued success of Rackspace’s Microsoft technology offerings. While I still engaged to solve time-sensitive or complex customer issues my new responsibilities required more time spent on enhancing automation capabilities and developing tool-sets to enhance other engineers response time and support efforts. My skillset as a developer has grown considerably while in this position, and as I’ve coded tool-sets to enhance both Hyper-V and Azure capabilities I’ve gained a deeper understanding of both platforms.

Rackspace Technology

Virtualization Engineer II

Synopsis: Builds and supports Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Private Cloud, and Azure-based virtualization offerings for Rackspace customers ranging from medium sized businesses to global enterprise operations. Applies in-depth technical knowledge to solve customer issues. Personal thoughts: Hyper-V & Azure are two components of the Microsoft technology stack that I’m really passionate about, so when Rackspace announced they would be supporting these I was first in line to join the team. Both Hyper-V & Azure were relatively new to customers and Rackspace alike which presented some unique challenges during initial implementation. It has been a rewarding experience laying the groundwork for these new offerings and I’m grateful to have played a role in ensuring its success and continued growth.

Rackspace Technology

Windows Administrator II

Synopsis: Deploys, supports and maintains servers and infrastructure for Rackspace customers ranging from medium sized businesses to global enterprise operations all of which are hosted at Rackspace data centers around the world. Provides a high level of technical support and is the day-to-day owner of complex customer issues which may take several days or weeks to resolve. Utilizes technical skills and creative problem-solving techniques to identify the source of problems and works with customers to provide efficient technology solutions. Responsible for solving customer’s technical issues which can include OS level, web server, database server, applications server, DNS, SMTP, or other software issues. Personal thoughts: This position was one of the most intense I’ve had in my IT career. Rackspace expects nothing less than complete mastery of the entire Windows stack including: Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, Failover Clustering, IIS, DFS, MSSQL, and RDS + the normal networking and physical stacks that go along with these technologies. For the first 6 months I felt a little overwhelmed and had to both expand my comfort zone and study up but eventually found my groove. Customer could literally call in about anything. It could be a website issue, AD not replicating, or a SQL log shipping related issue. My Syadmin chops increased by a factor of 20 while in this position. In addition, due to the volume of Rackspace customers, I dealt with issues that most Sysadmins hope they never see. Downed AD forest? Deleted SQL instance? Accidentally deleted an entire cluster? I’ve seen it all.

Navicent Health

IT Tech II

Synopsis: Works with project planner and management to implement small to medium size technology projects. Maintains, analyzes, troubleshoots, repairs, performs installation and modification of computer and server systems hardware, software, operating systems and peripherals within Navicent and affiliates. Personal thoughts: With over 6,000 users and spanning a 4×3 block radius the Navicent Medical Center is truly an enterprise level environment. Our team supports hundreds of servers, thousands of tech devices, and several hundred software applications. Currently I am responsible for all client side devices, and work with the Network team, Desktop Support team, Applications group, and other departments to provide a stable and scale-able client-side infrastructure. Day-to-day duties include: Deploying software and patches throughout the enterprise Designing standard system settings, which may include but are not limited to: logon scripts, startup scripts, Group Policy, device error/audit policy Maintaining the image deployment infrastructure which supports a variety of lite-touch and zero-touch deployment strategies. Managing device organization and structure in Active Directory to facilitate the application of Group Policy The job is high paced and challenging but I enjoy seeing how the technology solutions I provide directly contribute to better patient care

Central Georgia Technical College

IT Adjunct Professor

Synopsis: Instruct students with varying degrees of technical knowledge in information technology concepts and strategies. Develop lesson plans, construct syllabus, and conduct lecture, lab instruction activities, and other academic duties to ensure student success. Assist students in their learning process by utilizing all appropriate College resources, materials, facilities, and educational technologies available to complement the teaching and learning process. Personal thoughts: This has been an extremely rewarding experience. I get the opportunity to share something I’m passionate about with others. I’ve worked hard to bring a level of expertise and excitement to the classroom to ensure my student’s success. I have enjoyed how the technical college environment stresses a hands-on approach. So, not only do I get to explain how and why something works, I also have the ability to show students in a network lab environment. As I continue to learn and grow in my own IT career I look forward to bringing that added knowledge to the classroom

United States Air Force

Education and Training Craftsman

Synopsis: Customer service oriented position facilitating education and training (E&T) requirements to approximately 1,500 squadron members. Related civilian occupations: Instructor, Teacher, Training and Development Specialists Personal thoughts: I was assigned to this position my last year in the Air Force. It’s been an interesting experience and contrasted heavily with my maintenance technician job. This position is all about people. There are hundreds of training requirements that the average military member must meet. I’ve spent the last year ensuring that people are getting the training, creating new training, and conducting the training for folks that need it. Training classes range from suicide awareness/prevention to combat arms instruction. I’ve met a lot of people and had the opportunity to help a lot of those people. It’s been a rewarding experience.

United States Air Force

Integrated Avionics Systems Craftsman

Synopsis: Analyzes malfunctions, inspects, removes, maintains, and installs integrated avionics systems. Performs and supervises avionics maintenance and general aircraft and handling. Related civilian occupation: Avionics Technician, Computer Repairer, Electronics Repairer, First-line supervisor/manager of mechanics, installers, and repairers. Supervisor, Avionics Shop. Personal Thoughts: This is the one great gift the Air Force has given me. I can now fix anything. Aircraft or not, if it’s electronic, I can make it work. I went into this job not understanding how to properly use a ratchet. Now I’m qualified on multi-meters, oscilloscopes, and know how to use just about every tool known to man. I also gained a lot of knowledge of what it is to be a supervisor. I oversaw 20+ man crews for several years and understand some of the headaches that ensue. I enjoyed my time as a maintenance technician and hope I continue to fix things in my new career.