Integrated Avionics Systems Craftsman, Instrument and Flight Controls – USAF

Synopsis: Analyzes malfunctions, inspects, removes, maintains, and installs integrated avionics systems. Performs and supervises avionics maintenance and general aircraft and handling.

Related civilian occupation: Avionics Technician, Computer Repairer, Electronics Repairer, First-line supervisor/manager of mechanics, installers, and repairers. Supervisor, Avionics Shop.

Personal Thoughts: This is the one great gift the Air Force has given me. I can now fix anything. Aircraft or not, if it’s electronic, I can make it work. I went into this job not understanding how to properly use a ratchet. Now I’m qualified on multi-meters, oscilloscopes, and know how to use just about every tool known to man. I also gained a lot of knowledge of what it is to be a supervisor. I oversaw 20+ man crews for several years and understand some of the headaches that ensue. I enjoyed my time as a maintenance technician and hope I continue to fix things in my new career.