IT Adjunct Professor – Central Georgia Technical College

Synopsis: Instruct students with varying degrees of technical knowledge in information technology concepts and strategies. Develop lesson plans, construct syllabus, and conduct lecture, lab instruction activities, and other academic duties to ensure student success. Assist students in their learning process by utilizing all appropriate College resources, materials, facilities, and educational technologies available to complement the teaching and learning process.

Personal thoughts: This has been an extremely rewarding experience. I get the opportunity to share something I’m passionate about with others. I’ve worked hard to bring a level of expertise and excitement to the classroom to ensure my student’s success. I have enjoyed how the technical college environment stresses a hands-on approach. So, not only do I get to explain how and why something works, I also have the ability to show students in a network lab environment. As I continue to learn and grow in my own IT career I look forward to bringing that added knowledge to the classroom