PC Repair Technician – Computer Resellers

Synopsis: Troubleshoot to identify hardware / software faults and develop cost effective repair solutions for a wide variety of technology devices.

Personal thoughts: During my time at Computer Resellers I’ve coordinated with both end users and businesses to repair thousands of computers and IT related devices. I am now adept in both hardware and software issues ranging from soldering a capacitor back onto a motherboard to correcting a windows registry error. I am well versed in solving complex software issues on a plethora of operating systems. I’ve also spent a great deal of time troubleshooting network connectivity issues. I’ve designed and built custom systems to customer specifications, and have a wealth of experience providing various levels of tech-support in support of the new system (phone, in-store, on-site). Lastly, I’ve have had the opportunity to work with customers with diversified levels of computing experience and feel comfortable with users of all levels.