Virtualization Engineer III – Rackspace

Jacob Morrison - Rackspace - Whiteboarding

Synopsis: Designs, builds, and supports Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Private Cloud, and Azure-based virtualization offerings for Rackspace customers ranging from medium sized businesses to global enterprise operations. Applies in-depth technical knowledge to both architect and solve customer issues while continuing to improve the automation capabilities of each platform.

Personal thoughts: As a level 3 my efforts started to focus less on direct support and more on ensuring the overall stability, reliability, and continued success of Rackspace’s Microsoft technology offerings.  While I still engaged to solve time-sensitive or complex customer issues my new responsibilities required more time spent on enhancing automation capabilities and developing tool-sets to enhance other engineers response time and support efforts.  My skillset as a developer has grown considerably while in this position, and as I’ve coded tool-sets to enhance both Hyper-V and Azure capabilities I’ve gained a deeper understanding of both platforms.