Virtualization Engineer IV – Rackspace

Jacob Morrison - Rackspace - Desk

Synopsis: Designs & architects technology solutions that enhance and/or provide additional functionality to the Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Private Cloud, and Azure-based virtualization offerings for Rackspace customers.  Works with all teams within Rackspace to ensure Microsoft technology solutions integrate with Rackspace infrastructure.  Develops automation capabilities to ensure rapid and accurate deployment of Microsoft solutions.  Develops and maintains tooling leveraged by support engineers to provide fanatical support to Rackspace customers.  Engages in and provides solutions for multifarious issues not resolved through normal support channels.

Personal thoughts:  My thoughts are – PowerShell, and lots of it!  I maintain a host of tool-sets, scripts, and .NET solutions that power Microsoft technology solutions at Rackspace.  This position has definitely moved me into a more DevOps oriented role.  I’m consistently leveraging PowerShell, .NET, API calls, Git, and other resources to further improve our operations.  I also get to work closely with Rackspace & Microsoft principal engineers to further enhance and provide additional functionality to our platforms.