Windows Administrator II – Rackspace

Synopsis: Deploys, supports and maintains servers and infrastructure for Rackspace customers ranging from medium sized businesses to global enterprise operations all of which are hosted at Rackspace data centers around the world. Provides a high level of technical support and is the day-to-day owner of complex customer issues which may take several days or weeks to resolve. Utilizes technical skills and creative problem-solving techniques to identify the source of problems and works with customers to provide efficient technology solutions. Responsible for solving customer’s technical issues which can include OS level, web server, database server, applications server, DNS, SMTP, or other software issues.

Personal thoughts: This position was one of the most intense I’ve had in my IT career.  Rackspace expects nothing less than complete mastery of the entire Windows stack including: Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, Failover Clustering, IIS, DFS, MSSQL, and RDS + the normal networking and physical stacks that go along with these technologies.  For the first 6 months I felt a little overwhelmed and had to both expand my comfort zone and study up but eventually found my groove.  Customer could literally call in about anything.  It could be a website issue, AD not replicating, or a SQL log shipping related issue.  My Syadmin chops increased by a factor of 20 while in this position. In addition, due to the volume of Rackspace customers, I dealt with issues that most Sysadmins hope they never see.  Downed AD forest?  Deleted SQL instance?  Accidentally deleted an entire cluster?  I’ve seen it all.